The Kootenai County Republican Central Committee (KCRCC) employs a thorough and comprehensive process to recommend candidates for the upcoming May Primary Election. This method encompasses an extensive sequence of steps, including the completion of questionnaires, conducting interviews, performing professional background checks, and polling to assess a candidate’s name recognition and popularity. The KCRCC meticulously reviews each candidate’s fundraising and spending via the Secretary of State’s campaign finance website. Additionally, committeemen are encouraged to actively engage with candidates through various speaking events and meet-and-greet opportunities.

Their vetting process culminates in a meeting where all committeemen gather to discuss and vote on the candidates. It’s a process marked by rigorous scrutiny, ensuring that candidates are truthful and well-vetted. This is all done with the intention of providing well-considered recommendations to the voters, who might not have the time or resources to evaluate each candidate as thoroughly.

For this year’s primary, the focus was particularly intense on the two County Commissioner races. We evaluated candidates not just for their professional accomplishments and personal stories but for their potential to serve effectively with minimal training. In District 1, despite the unique and admirable qualities of the other candidates, Marc Eberlein stood out as the low-risk, experienced choice, having already demonstrated his competence in the role. Similarly, for District 3, Leslie Duncan’s proven dedication and experience earned her our recommendation.

These recommendations are the product of hundreds of man-hours of diligent work by the committeemen of the KCRCC, elected representatives of the community dedicated to informing voters. While these are merely recommendations, and every voter is free to make their own choice, we hope that our efforts provide valuable insight into the candidates’ capabilities and potential to serve effectively. Our aim is always to support candidates who are not just promising but are also equipped with the experience and skills necessary to address the challenges of our times with wisdom and integrity.



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